RareSkillSet Software Labs. Founders are former Oracle employees in RareSkillSet, we offer global training services that help you to market faster at lower cost and with higher quality.

Training Services:

We are offering Corporate Trainings / Individual Trainings in the Identity Management, GRC Security, SOA Security, Cloud Security and other applications. Our Training services Includes: Class Room Trainings Onsite Trainings Offshore Trainings Online / Web-Ex Trainings

Identity Management:

RareSkillSet Identitfying vulnerabilities is only part of an effective Application Security solution Protecting a company's applications and proprietary data required everyone involved in the development process to be properly educated in secure coding techniques and development best practices. Oracle Identity Management ( OIM, OAM, OID, OVD, OUD, eSSO, OpenSSO, OIA, OAAM, OIF, OES & Others) 10g/11g

Sun Identity Management (SIM, SAM, OpenSSO, SRM & Others) IBM Tivoli Identity Management (TIM, TAM, TDS & Others) Novell Identity Management (NoIM, NoAM, eDirectory &others).

GRC Security:

We are offering Governance and Risk Complaince Security training to our customers in GRC platform. We can deliver the trainings on Oracle GRC and SAP GRC applications.

SOA Security:

RareSkillSet offering Oracle Fusion SOA services and providing trainings in SOA, BPEL, ESB, OSB, AIA, B2B, ODI and others also we can handle Tibco SOA and IBM SOA Trainings.

Cloud Computing:

At RareSkillSet we offer Cloud Security trainings and delivering Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Cloud and other Clouds.

Other IT Trainings:

Also we can deliver the other trainings on Business Intelligence, Content Management, Webcenter Portal, Grid Infrastructure, ERP's, Application Servers and other listed applications.